Pallet Rack Drop Pin – 50 Pack – Pallet Rack Safety Bolts



• Box of 50 Pallet Rack Drop Pins
• Quick & Easy Install
• Universal Design – Fits most styles of pallet rack (New & Used)
• Thousands of Pins IN STOCK (Multiple Locations)
• Meets Minimum Requirements of an OSHA/RMI  Beam Locking Device
• Can fit in both front and side cross beam accessory holes
• Low Maintenance – gravity holds the pin in place
• Can add safety to used pallet rack systems
• Fits most styles of pallet rack (New & Used)
• .75″ wide button head
• Watch Our Installation Video Below
• See product dimensions in product images
• Bright Zinc Plated Finish
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Pallet Rack Drop Pin – 50 Pack – Pallet Rack Safety Bolts

Our Pallet Rack Drop Pin – 50 Pack offers an immediate solution to add safety to your warehouse pallet racking system. One of the most over looked safety hazards in warehouses is the racking and pallet rack safety clips. Used pallet rack can offer a huge costs savings up front although often times when the rack is dismantled, the cross beams lose their original safety clips. These safety clips are an essential component of a pallet rack system and according to OSHA, these pallet rack safety clips need to be replaced when lost or damaged.

OSHA Pallet Rack Recommendation:
pallet rack safety boltsOSHA and OSHA Inspectors typically resort to the Rack Manufacturers Institute, for racking standards and requirements in the warehouse. RMI develops the American National Standards for industrial steel storage racks and welded wire rack decking. A warehouse manager or facility safety manager should be aware of the following recommendation:

Except for movable-shelf racks, beams subject to machine loading shall have connection locking devices (or bolts) capable of resisting an upward force of 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms) per connection without failure or disengagement.

SOURCE: RMI’s ANSI MH16.1-2012

DEFINITION: Beam Locking Device
A pin, bolt, or other mechanism that resists disengagement of the beam connector from the column.

This 50 COUNT box of Universal Pallet Rack Safety Pins secures most styles of selective pallet racking systems. When looking for a safety solution in your used pallet racks, look for two aligning holes in the pallet rack cross beams and upright frames. (Watch the video above for details).  Each box contains 50 pieces, enough to equip 25 cross beams with a safety solution. Each cross beam requires two bolts, one per beam to frame connection.

Will the Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin work in my used pallet rack system? 
Measured at .30″ wide, our UNIVERSAL pallet rack j bolt pin fits in almost all selective used pallet rack systems. The key is to find the aligning holes either on the face of the cross beam or on the inside accessory hole. Almost all  pallet storage rack systems are equipped with a beam to frame safety clip. This can be called a number of things including: beam locking device, j bolt, pallet rack safety bolt, universal drop pins, pallet rack j bolts, j pins, and more. The key is to understand that all of your beams should have some sort of beam to frame locking device at each connection.

used pallet rack safety pin

Save hours of time by simply dropping the safety bolt into two aligning holes in the pallet rack cross beam and upright frame. There is no capacity ratings on our safety bolts but they are very durable made of .30″ steel. This thickness provides enough strength to maintain the position of the beam if it is hit or lifted by a forklift.

One of the most dangerous issues with used pallet racks is the beam to frame connection. A rack collapse is nothing to brush under the rug and as a safety manager or business owner it is your responsibility to make sure that your pallet racks are safe for your employees. A used rack system with missing or damaged safety pins can put your entire company at risk. All it takes is a small bump from a pallet or forklift and the entire rack system could come tumbling down. J Pins for Used Pallet Racks can increase safety if properly installed in your rack system and could possibly save lives. Damaged or missing safety pins are tough to identify when rack systems can go over 20′ high. Routine rack safety inspections can improve safety in your warehouse by identifying missing or damaged safety mechanisms. Another safety product we feature is our Pallet Rack Capacity Label. Buy on Amazon or direct from our website.



Our “Pallet Rack Safety Bolt” is an add on aftermarket safety product for pallet rack systems. We do not guarantee or warranty the effectiveness of this product in your rack system. Every pallet rack system is engineered differently and improved safety measures should always be discussed with the manufacturer directly. Our pallet rack safety bolts offer a convenient design and installation to add an assumed increased level of safety. This assumed safety comes from the safety bolt providing a secure connection between the upright frame and cross beam that may be lost if the original safety clip or locking mechanism is missing or broken. Sheer strength and capacity of our product is assumed.

Pallet Rack J Bolt For Sale

Buy Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin
Buy Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin
universal pallet rack j bolt
The Universal Pallet Rack J Bolt
Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin
Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in


Also Known As:

J Bolt, Drop Pin, Universal Pallet Rack Drop Pin, Pallet Rack Clip, J Bolt, Pallet Racking Pins, J Pin, Universal Pallet Rack Pin, J Pins for Pallet Rack, Pallet Rack Safety Bolt

Compatible Racking

Compatible with most of the following pallet racks: Interlake, USP, Mecalux, Spacerak, Speedrack Teardrop, Ridg-U-Rak, Bulldog, Steel King, Husky, Excel, Kingway


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  1. Warehouse Safety Expert

    5.0 out of 5 stars Pallet racking must have!!

    These are a must have!! The rack bolts work great, they are easy to install and remove just drop in the hole, no tools needed. Not only do they make our racking safer but it makes it very easy to adjust our racking in the future. They are well make and serve their purpose.

    Verified Amazon Purchase – April 5, 2017

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