Pallet Rack Safety Pins – Box of 1000 J Bolt Pins


Quantity = 1000
• Bright Zinc Plated Finish
• Universal Design
• Used Pallet Rack Safety Clips
• Fits most styles of pallet rack
• Simply drops into two aligning holes atleast .35″ wide
• .75″ wide button head
• Provides solution for lost or damaged safety clips
• In Stock
• Gravity holds pin in place
• Fits both front and side accessory holes
• Enough for 500 pallet rack cross beams
• Shipping weight = 80  pounds + packaging


Wholesale Pallet Rack Safety Pins – QTY 1000

QTy 1000 (SALE = .65¢ per pin) Normal Price .99¢

– Pallet Rack Safety Pins (J Bolt)

One of our most popular packages of Pallet Rack Safety Pins due to the savings.


Although OSHA does not get specific on pallet rack requirements for your warehouse, they often refer to ANSI which is the Rack Manufacturers Institute Specification for the Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks. The ANSI document explains the following: 

5.4.2 Beam Locking Device Except for movable-shelf racks, beams subject to machine loading shall have connection locking devices (or bolts) capable of resisting an upward force of 1,000 pounds (453.6 kg) per connection without failure or disengagement.

Pallet Rack Safety Pins Installation

pallet rack safety pinsOne of the greatest benefits of our Pallet Rack Safety Pins, is the easy installation. Our pallet rack safety pins offer a quick and easy install compared to the old school nut and bolt design. Our pallet racking j bolt pins simply drop into two aligning holes in the cross beam and upright frame of your pallet rack shelving system. The aligning holes need to be atleast .30″ wide or roughly 3/8″ (see attached drawing for exact measurements). The j bolt safety pins hold themselves in place and are very easy to spot from the floor level making it easy for safety managers to identify the safe racks. The universal pallet rack drop pins has been manufactured to fit into almost all styles of shelving systems.

All selective pallet rack systems are equipped with some sort of safety clips, pin, bolt or locking lever when engineered. For more information about the manufacturing specifications of pallet racking visit: The purpose of locking devices in racks are for the beams to be secured to the upright if the beams are hit by the fork truck. When pallet racking is moved, taken down or replaced the safety clips tend to be broken or misplaced and this creates havoc on safety managers. Your goal in your warehouse needs to be safety and the universal pallet rack drop in can answer that call. Although original safety clips in racking systems are made to last they often become damaged due to the harsh environment and how often pallet racking is moved, changed and adjusted depending on your warehouse operations.

The engineered design of the Pallet Rack Safety Bolt allows for the J bolt to be dropped into aligning holes of the pallet rack cross beam and upright frame. the .30” diameter, fits most styles of pallet racking. Each pallet rack cross beam level requires 4 safety bolts, two per cross beam. The Pallet Rack Safety Bolt typically drops into the inner side in the accessory hole of the upright frame. Standard pallet rack cross beams also offer accessory holes on the cross beam ear that connects to the upright frame. Most styles of teardrop pallet racking are compatible with the universal safety bolt.


Pallet Rack Safety Pins

 Rack Safety Pin – 1000 Pack 

Pallet Rack Safety Pins Price: .74¢ per pin (Compared to Competitors Price = .99¢ – That’s $240 in Savings!!!)

Quantity: 1000 individual drop pins, enough to be used in 500 cross beams (2 per beam, 1 per beam to frame connector).

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Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in


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