Pallet Rack Safety Bolts (Qty 200)

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Quantity = 200
• Bright Zinc Plated Finish
• Universal Design
• Used Pallet Rack Safety Clips
• Fits most styles of pallet rack
• Simply drops into two aligning holes atleast .35″ wide
• .75″ wide button head
• Provides solution for lost or damaged safety clips
• In Stock
• Gravity holds pin in place
• Fits both front and side accessory holes
• Enough for 100 pallet rack cross beams
• Shipping weight = 32 pounds + packaging

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Pallet Rack Safety Bolts – 200 Pack 

Manufactured in U.S.A  the “Pallet Rack Safety Bolt” offers a universal safety solution for pallet rack cross beams with no nut required. The pallet rack safety bolt pack of 200 is compatible with almost all styles of selective pallet racking that has aligning holes in the pallet rack cross beams and upright frames. 200 safety bolts is enough to secure 100 beams and 50 beam levels in your rack system. 

The engineered J Bolt design can save you hours of time compared to the old fashion nut and bolt pallet rack clip. Our J bolt simply drops into the aligning holes and holds itself in place offering you a secure connection between the upright frame and the pallet rack cross member. Typical systems are equipped with safety clips but when racking is moved around and relocated the clips tend to get lost or damaged. Our rack pins offer a simple, quick and effective solution.

In Stock, professional shipping, and accurate orders. Our team offers an excellent track record when sending safety bolts across the nation. Shipping from the Midwest our bolts can usually make it anywhere in the United States with in 3-5 days.

Pallet Rack Safety Bolts – 200 Pack 

Quantities: 200 individual drop pins, enough to be used in 100 cross beams (2 per beam, 1 per beam to frame connector).

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 10 × 3 in


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