Pallet Rack Safety Bolts (Qty 100)


A pair of pallet rack safety bolts for your new or used pallet racking system. Typically you will need two pallet rack safety bolts per cross beam and four per pallet rack cross beam level. The zinc plated universal pallet rack bolt is .30″ in diameter easily dropping into two aligning holes of your pallet rack frame and cross beam.


Pallet Rack J Bolt – 100 Pack 

Compatibility of Pallet Rack J Bolt

The pallet rack safety bolt is compatible with almost all types of selective pallet rack systems. The main key is to find the two aligning holes in your rack system cross beams (typically orange) and upright frames (typically green). The diameter of the pallet rack j bolt is .30″ wide, allowing for plenty of room to slide into  aligning holes in the beam and frame securing them to one another. Missing or damaged pallet rack safety clips can leave your shelving system vulnerable to failure. What happens is, the forklifts approach the rack system and retrieve a pallet from the racks but unintentionally hit or alter the cross beam and the beam becomes disengaged.  Rack failure usually happens when the cross beams get hit or moved by pallets on a forklift. Our pallet rack j bolts, secure the cross beam to the upright frame with the recommended sheer strength offered by OSHA.

Manufactured in the United States of America the “Pallet Rack J Bolt” offers a universal safety solution for pallet rack cross beams with no nut required or difficult installation required. This box of 100 pallet rack safety bolts allow for a secure connection on 50 pallet racking cross beams and 25 beam levels. Typically you should equip your entire warehouse with these clips in one shot. Even if some pallet rack safety clips are still engaged, it is good to have the back up drop pin securing the cross beam to the upright frame.  You can never be too safe when adding an extra drop pin. 

Pallet Rack Safety Bolts – 100 Pack 

Quantities: 100 individual drop pins, enough to be used in 50 cross beams (2 per beam, 1 per beam to frame connector).

RMI & OSHA Racking Safety Recommendations: Read more about OSHA Pallet Rack Safety Requirements here:

Additional information

Weight 16.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in


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